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x-box & playstation repair

Do you have problems with your Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo not working correctly. Fortunately here at West Michigan Computer Repair we specialize in Playstation & Xbox repairs.

Whether you are experiencing Red Ring of Death,Yellow Light of Death, stuck disk tray, corrupted hard drive, non-readable disk, or laser replacement, we offer professional services at a competitive price.


Console Repairs

Microsoft XBOX Repairs

We fix all XBox 360 and XBox 1 ranging from Red Ring of Death and DVD Drive issues, 3-2-1 Red Flashing Lights, no video, no audio, can't read disks, stuck tray, open tray and more! We can fix 95% of Xbox 360 errors.

Common XBox Issues
  • RROD (red ring of Death) Overheating System Board
  • Stuck or jammed trays
  • 'Open' Tray issue
  • Laser Lens replacement
  • not reading games
  • corrupt or dashboard freezing or hanging on splash screen
  • E73, E74 etc... errors
Sony Playstation Repairs
There are a lot of reasons to need Playstation 3 repairs including all yellow light of death issues. We at RepairXperts can fix PS3 yellow/red light issues, Blu Ray Drive issues, no video, no audio, and much more!

Common Playstation Issues
  • YLOD (yellow light of death) Overheating System Board
  • Corrupt Hard Drive
  • Power Supply issues
  • Blue-ray laser lens replacement (not reading games or movies)
  • no video, black screen on start
  • network issus